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Student Attendance During The Covid-19 Crisis.


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will no doubt be aware the R value for the Northwest has increased to above 1, in light of this Halton Borough Council have advised schools not to open to wider groups of children as originally planned. 

KEY WORKER CHILDREN CAN still attend as usual.

We will contact you with a new start date as soon as it is advised safe to do so. 


Take care and keep safe, 

The Cavendish High Academy .




As with all schools across the country, The Cavendish High Academy will provide daily education for the children of essential workers and the most vulnerable pupils.

We do appreciate that this will undoubtedly create difficulties for some parents whose children are now not attending school. 

The decision to prioritise the provision of education has not been taken lightly and the Acting Headteacher and staff team have the full support of the School Governors / Trustees based on the following factors:

  • Severely diminished staffing levels due to staff with underlying health issues self-isolating for 12 weeks.
  • The amount of floor space available within school required to practise Social Distancing.
  • The need to protect the staff team who are in school on a daily basis keeping themselves and their students safe.
  • The need to fully support the essential workers particularly our NHS colleagues.
  • Following Government Legislation 



We thank you all for your continued Care, Concern and Co-operation during these unprecedented times.

Nick Gibb (Schools Minister) "Even if you're on the list (essential key workers), think twice about sending your child in"  

Gavin Williamson (Secretary of State for Education) "You should only send your child to school if you have to because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should."



At Cavendish High Academy we aim to:

Work hard to make this a welcoming, busy, safe and healthy school, where you will see happy, respectful children who enjoy learning and are doing their very best to achieve their full potential now and later in life.

What's Being Said?

“Cavendish High Academy is the place where dreams come true. I love my school! Libby”
“Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”
“You think nobody else can care for your child like you can, but at Cavendish they develop an emotional attachment and they really do care. Tasmin absolutely loves it. Shelley Rahman ”
"Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”