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Yr 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Catch Up Premium

The Cavendish High receive Catch Up Premium, approx £5000: funding provided by the government to support those pupils entering secondary school in year 7 working below level 4 in either English and/or Maths. At Cavendish this represents 100% of the students in year 7.

Last year the use of Year 7 Literacy & Numeracy Catch Up Premium was spent on Maths and English Training for staff as well as contributing to supporting the cost of employing our own speech and language therapist. This has led to effective interventions that has directly impacted the Year 7 progress as evident on the progress charts you can view below.

Over the next academic year we will be using the funding to support the following:

  • Purchase of additional Kindle Fire HD tablets to enhance accessibility to reading.

Support further developments in communication through the purchase of the Gemini on-line resource for students

Support further developments in numeracy including:

  • Facilitating supply cover for KS3 teachers to undertake training with Edge Hill University through Teaching School Alliance.
  • Help to fund resources for Maths and literacy co-ordinator thematic days.
  • Purchase of addditional Numicon Mathematics resources. 

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What's Being Said?

“Cavendish High Academy is the place where dreams come true. I love my school! Libby”
“Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”
“You think nobody else can care for your child like you can, but at Cavendish they develop an emotional attachment and they really do care. Tasmin absolutely loves it. Shelley Rahman ”
"Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”