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C9 - Donna Tofts KS5 2018 - 2019

Miss Tofts

We have an exciting year ahead of us as we work towards gaining our awards and qualifications.  Students follow one of our two accreditation routes:

Route 1: students are completing Ascentis Maths and English qualifications at Entry 1 and 2 along with an ASDAN PSD qualification.  

Route 2: students will work towards Ascentis Maths and English along with an ASDAN Personal Progress qualification.

The focus within English this term is grammar, punctuation and handwriting skills. Within Maths we are completing a range of activities using subtraction and addition. We are looking at using money and one of our activities will be  planning how to spend a lottery win!

Within class we are looking at the story of The Hobbit. This week this has included making maps of the school in the style of Middle Earth and looking at the characteristics of Gollum and Bilbo Baggins.

The class is excited this week for a visit to Tate Liverpool, the group has been looking at the Pop Art movement. Students will be looking at an exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein's work. The group will recreate the comic style artwork within the classroom. In addition we offer the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Students complete four elements comprising of a physical section, voluntary work, a skill section and expedition. Students have opted for their chosen enrichment activity. 


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What's Being Said?

“Cavendish High Academy is the place where dreams come true. I love my school! Libby”
“Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”
“You think nobody else can care for your child like you can, but at Cavendish they develop an emotional attachment and they really do care. Tasmin absolutely loves it. Shelley Rahman ”
"Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”