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C10 - Michelle Lilford Leavers 2019 - 2020

Miss Whitbread

As part of our functional skills, the focus for the coming half term for 5 of our students is taking the Ascentis Entry level tests in Time, Money and Speaking. The students are working really hard towards these qualifications and we wish them luck in sitting them.

For Out in the Community/ Independence skills the students are working hard to becoming more independent in using the local shops as well as planning, budgetting for and buying their own ingredients for cooking their own dinner. The dinners they have planned to cook over the coming term are Tagliatelle, Meatballs (making own and buying ready made), Sausage and Mash, Fruit Salad and Mars Bar Krispie cakes.

We are also undertaking a social project using recycled plastics. Students are collecting recycled plasics which they are going to use to create sculptures of a turtle and an Orca. The students have been very busy researching the impact of plastics on our oceans and the animals and mammals that live within the seas. We can not wait to share our finished pieces with you all.

The Leavers Group are running a book club for KS3, KS3 are enjoying reading books and learning new words and they are happy to see us every week. Book club is a good way for KS3 to interact and socialise with us and we enjoy their company and helping with their reading skills. Last week was the first session of book club, we watched 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' and we did some paired reading and this week we have just done pair reading with the students and they loved it. 

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“Cavendish High Academy is the place where dreams come true. I love my school! Libby”
“Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”
“You think nobody else can care for your child like you can, but at Cavendish they develop an emotional attachment and they really do care. Tasmin absolutely loves it. Shelley Rahman ”
"Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”