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C1 - Rick Miles & Hannah Whitbread 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bournes

Class 2 Routines and Themes Autumn Term 2017



This term we will all be concentrating hard on our Key Skills programmes as usual and working together in pairs and small groups to develop friendships.


We will be studying Wildlife as the Pathways Department Theme. This means that you might see us out in Delamere Forest or Risley Moss exploring the local environment looking and listening for wildlife both on the ground, in water and in the air.


During our Art and Design lessons we will be working together to make animal sculptures using a variety of materials and techniques. In Art we are using sellotape to make figures of countryside animals such as rabbits, hares and foxes. They look quite ghostly. In Design technology we have made 3-D portraits of a phoenix and lots of different techniques to make a large model of a flying dragon.


We are also working on our personal fitness levels on Friday mornings using the trampoline and multi-gym equipment. The Class Team have been amazed at how quickly most of our students have learned to set up and use the exercise stations safely and independently. Two students regularly row half a mile on our rowing machines and some can put together routines on the trampoline. Most even look forward to the warm shower at the end of our sessions.


More news next term


Best Regards


Jo, Rick and team

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“Cavendish High Academy is the place where dreams come true. I love my school! Libby”
“Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”
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"Everyone knows everyone at Cavendish – it’s just like being part of one big, happy family.”